Portable Ti Stick

TI-Stick The Titanium – Alkaline/Hydrogen stick – When your life takes you on the road, away from your Ionic Oasis water ionizer / alkalyzer, you can now make 1000 bottles of healthy purified, ionized 9.5 pH supercharged drinking water from ordinary tap water. This high quality stainless steel cartridge contains a selection of alkalizing minerals that will raise the pH of your water and various other liquids. Simply insert the Ti Stick into a your water container and let it alkalize the liquid for you. And it's safe to leave the Ti Stick submerged indefinitely. Below are some of the popular uses and advantages. The Ti Stick: Is narrow enough to fit in narrow-neck bottled water containers for when you're on the go and need to alkalize a bottle of filtered water. Will maintain the O.R.P. of water dispensed from your ionizer for the entire day or even return the O.R.P. of your ionized water bottled earlier that day. This is the perfect solution for those forced to "brown bag" their ionized bottled water to work. Raises the pH of most filtered water to 9.5. It only takes a few minutes to alkalize a 16 oz container. Can be strategically placed in automatic water systems for animals to alkalize their drinking water. The Ti Stick makes 1000 bottles of healthy purified, supercharged drinking water. Hydrogen rich water prevents the oxidation (aging) of the body. The alkaline water produced with the Ti stick will balance your bodies pH and give you the following benefits. Never leave home without it… Great for Everyday use and Traveling! Quickly remove chlorine and harmful pollutants! Improve taste of water with beneficial minerals! Good for your pets too Improves tap water easily – removes chlorine and other impurities, adds minerals, raises pH to 8.5 -9.0 or higher and most important…

Chanson Miracle M.A.X. Water Ionizer (Counter-Top)

Chanson Miracle M.A.X. ionizer will make both strong acid and alkaline water for anyone with ANY water source, and is powerful enough to be used for disinfecting by doctors, hospitals, dentists, spas, vets, restaurants, the food industry, and home use. The M.A.X. is the first ionizer ever to use mineral rich nutritional Himalayan rock salt instead of a bleach/salt injection that leaves toxic residue on your ionization plates.At least 50% of the benefit of owning a water ionizer is the prized low pH acid water which has over a hundred uses, will reduce household chemical and cleaner expenses by 50%, and is absolutely miraculous for the body, skin and hair. In order to make this strong ionized acid water, your source water must have all the right ingredients, and 30% of USA customers cannot achieve this strong acid water without alteration regardless of which brand ionizer they have due to source water issues.But now 100% of M.A.X. users will be able to achieve this super ionized acid water which has been third party verified to kill e-coli and Staph on contact by simply dropping a rock of Himalayan rock salt* into the basket and choosing the acid water setting. While other ionizers that can reach a 3 pH and below can only do so by producing water at a slow trickle–which can make filling up a spray bottle a long and arduous task–the M.A.X. can make this all natural and non-toxic strong acid water at up to ½ liter per minute!

Chanson MIRACLE Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer

Introducing the Miracle compact counter top ionizer, the world's smallest water ionizer. Enjoy added counter space with this small water ionizer without sacrificing quality. Our competitors are green with envy. We call it the Miracle because it is up to 60% smaller than our competitors' machines.Even with its small size, we've packed in many advanced features. Higher wattage and bigger plates is an ionizer marketing myth. Bigger isn't always better. The "green friendly" platinum and titanium plates only consume about 150 watts of power and still out perform almost every brand ionizer on the market today including the high wattage, large plate and "turbo" machines.110/120 and 22/240 volt systems available for shipment worldwide.

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