Bioexcel Alkaline Water Filter – 2 Parts. Upper Filter + Lower Filter

ADVANTAGE OF ALKALINE WATER ========================= As we all know that common water is made of macro molecule group and contains acidity without any mineral elements. If we keep drinking it for long enough then our immune system do not remain strong. This hydrogen water ionizer converts the common water into nanometer activated water while the water goes through Pearl calcium Ion and Energy stone, which can release far infrared ray and negative ions into water molecules. This new water is Alkaline water which has strong penetrability and solubility and can resist oxidation, will prevent and dissolve various calculus in our body and will cure the high blood pressure and gastritis. NECESSITY OF ALKALINE WATER ===================== People experiencing dehydration due to common use of Soda, Coffee and other processed drinks. Dehydration is causing memory loss, increase hunger, slower metabolism, disordered stomach and inability to concentrate. Apart from water our bodies become acidic over time. It's time to Put your body back to its proper balance through a very simple process, drink water in alkaline flask, take to school, office or while traveling around the world. Alkaline water also has the important antioxidant properties with the ability to neutralize free radicals. Drinking alkaline water is fast and effective way to reduce acid reflux symptoms

NewCell Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Machine

Enjoy the flexibility of having a stylish alkaline water ionizer that you can connect directly to your faucet or your cold water line under the sink or don't connect it to anything and pour water directly into it! (purchase additional pre-filter to connect it your to your tap water.) This lightweight, portable alkaline water unit is perfect to travel with you anywhere. The NewCell Hybrid has 125 watts of power and 4 slotted platinum titanium plates. Its pH range is between 3.5 pH and 10.5 pH with three alkaline and three acid settings. (Acidic water drains into a separate container so it's easy to use for plants, cleaning, etc.) The perfect alkaline and antioxidant drinking water is available to you at a pH of 9.5 and -300 ORP. It makes strong alkaline water for coffee and cooking and acidic water for beauty/skin and cleaning/disinfecting toothbrushes, counter tops and sponges. The NewCell Under Sink Hybrid for alkaline ionized water comes with its own internal multi-stage activated carbon filter, so your water is always clean and pure (with 99.9% of impurities removed). Enjoy the Hybrid's simple ease of use, 5 year bumper to bumper warranty and 30 day money back guarantee!

AlkaPitcher Water Alkalizer by Healthy Living

AlkaPitcher Water Alkalizer by Healthy Living 4 You makes Alkaline water and filters out chlorine, pesticides and organic pollutants.

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